Great labeling speeds check-out, reduces shrink, maximizes sales, and promotes your brand.

T and T Industries, Inc. is a privately-held company engaged in the manufacture and sale of twist-ties and packaging products. The Twist-Ems® brand twist-tie is the original twist-tie and the leading brand in the marketplace. Twist-Ems® have been manufactured continuously since the twist-tie was invented and patented in 1939. Since then, for over 60 years, we have continued to improve our manufacturing processes in order to serve the changing needs of our customers and to maintain the leading position in our markets.

Our mission as a company is to provide all of our customers with high quality products, excellent customer service, and just-in-time delivery. To accomplish this, we manufacture, sell, warehouse, and deliver products from locations in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. Everyone that works with us at T and T Industries, Inc. knows that we are here to serve our customers.